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Vendor selection software created for teams to collaborate on and streamline digital transformation.
Olive takes the best practices of digital transformation, shortens the process, and puts it all in one platform allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

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Leading Organizations Use Olive to Transform Their Business Technology

The Olive Branch Between Buyers and Sellers

Olive users gain access to a software platform that enables seamless, transparent collaboration between buyers and sellers. Vendors can showcase their offerings, and buyers can quickly evaluate the best choice for their custom requirements.

Innovate Faster

Olive Enables Companies to move from the waterfall RFP/RFI process to agile technology evaluation. This saves you months of evaluation time and getting to ROI faster. No more googling RFP Templates!

Build Consensus

Using Olive’s collaborative portal and use case libraries, identify and manage all stakeholder’s needs, getting broader and deeper than ever before and ensuring everyone has a voice in the decision.This collaboration and agility speeds up stakeholder management, gets you out of spreadsheets, and allows you to drill deep into your specific requirements.

Find The Right Solution

Olive looks at all of the vendors in the space and filters options according to the buyer's needs quickly. 100% of solutions are evaluated, all relevant stakeholders engaged, and all of this is done in about 3-8 weeks

Unbiased Vendor Selection Software

Olive is a software platform that’s efficient and free of bias.We facilitate decisions based on facts, not opinions, and pass this down to our customers; we are the only software evaluation platform that does not charge our vendors.

Drive Deep Due Diligence, Reduce Risk

With rich insights on all potential solutions and deep intel on business needs, Olive users drive more thorough due diligence than previously thought possible, resulting in higher user adoption, reduced risk and improved project success rates.

Make The Best Decision For Your Business

Traditionally, teams only have time to look at a few vendors, skipping initial due diligence and often missing their ideal supplier. On average, at this point, less than 5% of solutions are evaluated, minimal stakeholders are engaged, with the process taking about 24-36 weeks.

Olive is an agile platform that takes this traditional process, shortens it, and delivers the best results for your needs.

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