Smart decisions, faster

Drive business transformation with significantly reduced effort, time and costs by automating your evaluation processes and workflows.

“I have had projects take 3 years from requirements to implementation; Olive saves me months of effort”
Tariq Chaudhry - Business Transformation - A&W

Easily identify the best solutions to your challenges

Identifying the needs of your entire business is hard, but finding the right solution to those challenges is even harder. Olive makes it easy for business decision-makers to truly understand the potential impact of an upcoming project on the entire organization.

olive technology evaluation

Easily Understand Company Needs

Allow your team to collaborate in a shared project to define the companies high level and very role specific use cases. Olive recommends best fit solutions for you as your project progresses, ensuring that your needs drive the process instead of outside information.

Remove the Bias in your Evaluations

Through community, Olive delivers insights and use case recommendations tailored to your evaluation so your team can learn what to look for in a solution. Pick the best ones for you, add your own, and see how each solution matches your list of requirements. Engage only with the solutions that best fit your needs.

Create In-Depth Due Diligence, Quickly

By collating all of your business' needs and aligning that directly with all the potential solutions in the market, Olive gives you a simple view of all the benefits and risks of your options. Export your results into any format, catered for specific audiences so your executive team can easily see value and make a decision.

Take the guesswork out of evaluations.  
Find the right solution.

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