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Accelerate your digital transformation Strategy

Olive's experts will guide you through the digital transformation process. Our technology evaluation platform, coupled with strategic services will help you find the best solution in less time than previously thought possible.

Find the solutions that drive digital business transformation

deliver value faster with our strategic services
Olive’s strategic services leads you through the transformation process. Engage our services for all, or part of your digital transformation strategy.

Strategic Planning

Plan out digital transformation roadmap

We start by assessing where your company stands—and where it wants to go. We look at its people, technology, culture, leadership and governance. We also bring in expertise around industry trends and disruptions.

We help companies tie their digital transformation strategy to business outcomes.

Business Analysis

A dedicated business transformation expert

Our experts lead your technology evaluation projects. They will document all the necessary details including current & future state, detailed requirements, intended benefits & even calculate ROI / TCO.

At the end you will receive a vetted business case with recommended solutions and a high level implementation plan.

Vendor Engagement

Free up your team to focus on activities that deliver business value

Our vendor engagement team will research, identify and invite vendors into the project to respond to your requirements
without revealing your identity.

With 90%+ engagement rate, you can be sure vendors will provide appropriate responses, on time.

An Unbiased perspective

Our goal is to help
you reach yours

Our business transformation expert will sit in on your demos, provide feedback and lead the debrief sessions post demo.

As an added benefit, you get an invaluable, unbiased perspective from an expert.

We accelerate your digital transformation initiative

Perform Complex Technology Evaluations Quickly and Easily

We offer professional services to support any aspect of digital transformation that you need to accelerate.

Our approach to digital transformation works!
We automated the more tedious aspects of the software selection process into our technology evaluation platform, and made the process more agile. This allows us to quickly evaluate digital solutions against your business needs.

Our technology coupled with our team of experts can lead you through the business transformation process; developing a transformation roadmap, building out business cases, mapping out processes, leading your requirements gathering and stakeholder analysis, providing you with technology research, and vendor engagement services.

Vendor Engagement

per month

Strategic Planning, Business Analysis

Price on Request
per month

Strategic planning

Current state size up
Strategic Goals & Objective planning
Business Transformation Roadmap

Business Analysis

Business case development and documentation
Current state documentation & process mapping
Lead stakeholder requirements sessions
Benefits identification and quantification
ROI /TCO calculations
Change management consideration

Vendor Engagement

Technology Research
Requirements Research
Vendor research and identification
Vendor engagement
Demo Logistics

Trusted by
Digital Transformation Leaders

“Olive gives us confidence in our decisions, helping us to cast a much wider net, quickly narrow down our options, and cut costs. In one example, we found a vendor that was 80% less expensive than we planned for, plus the implementation and execution went great.”
Trevor Fitzgearld
“If you're managing digital transformation, or looking to change vendors, you need Olive”
Nouf AlZamil
Zamil Group
"We're going to use Olive over and over again, it would be stupid not to."
Sean Thompson
“With Olive we were able to find the best fit solution for our needs much faster and with less effort than ever before”
Rick Pauls
Cascade aerospace

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The Ultimate Tool for
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about new technology, it's about finding the right technology in collaboration with your organization.

The traditional waterfall process of determining needs, and comparing them to solution options available is difficult. Shortcutting this process and going straight to the solutions, results in low user adoption.

Sometimes, you just don't have the internal ability, funds, or time to manage a thorough evaluation process. Olive allows you to be more efficient with your resources. Save months of evaluation time. Avoid endless meetings, emails, spreadsheets and chasing stakeholders to participate. Get to a shortlist faster, with Olive.