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Olive is the first cloud-based software comparison software created to help IT buyers shorten the enterprise software buying process. Olive facilitates a collaborative software sourcing process, allowing the buyer to see all potential technology vendors in the space - filtered by the business needs.

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Streamline the Process of Buying Business Software

Olive streamlines the technology evaluation process to deliver the perfect technology match.
In buying cycles, IT buyers simply don’t have the tools that technology vendors do. Projects are manual, costly, have low adoption rates, high decision risks, and inhibited innovation.

Find the Best Match Software for
Your Business Needs

Olive enables your organization to drive effective, low-risk decisions. Olive can evaluate all vendors in the space in a matter of weeks and genuinely de-risk your decision making. With Olive, teams can ensure user adoption, skip lengthy sales cycles, and remove bias from technology decisions.

Enabling Faster Software Selection

Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers chose Olive to fully streamline and digitize the process of finding a new POS system for their franchise, getting out of meetings and spreadsheets to fully streamline the software selection process.

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Drive Deep Due Diligence

With rich insights on all potential solutions and thorough tracking in the platform, Olive users drive more thorough due diligence than previously thought possible.

Seamless Collaboration

Speed up stakeholder collaboration and get out of spreadsheets and meetings! Using Olive’s collaborative portal and use case libraries, companies can ensure they identify and manage all stakeholders needs, getting broader and deeper than ever before and ensuring everyone has a voice in the decision.

The Olive Branch Between Software Buyers
and Sellers

With Olive, you gain access to a software platform that enables seamless transparent collaboration between buyers and sellers. Buyers can quickly evaluate the best choice for their custom requirements, and see at a glance which vendors meet thier needs.

Choose the Best Software Solution

Traditionally, teams only have time to look at a few vendors, skipping initial due diligence and often missing their ideal supplier. On average, at this point, less than 5% of solutions are evaluated, minimal stakeholders are engaged, with the process taking about 24-36 weeks. Olive is an agile platform that takes this traditional process, shortens it, and delivers the best results for your needs.

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The Only Unbiased Software Comparison Software

Olive is a vendor selection software platform that’s efficient and free of bias, revolutionizing the process of buying and selling technology. Olive is without bias. We make decisions based on facts, not opinions, and pass this down to our customers; We are the only software evaluation platform that does not charge our vendors.