Shorter Sales Cycles

Olive streamlines and automates your discovery process. This makes it easier for you to be in touch with your target customers, removing the time and expense spent on your prospect’s buying process. Knowing exactly what is important to all stakeholders, your team will be hyper prepared for demos, increasing win rates and shortening sales cycles.

How it works

Generate Qualified Leads

Our founders have plenty of experience selling enterprise software, and we know what it takes to close deals with your best-fit customers. Buyers in Olive are actively motivated to buy as they are paying Olive specifically to manage their evaluation. This means that every opportunity you get in Olive is a genuine, qualified opportunity. No tire kickers here.

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Stronger Long Term Partnerships

With Olive, you gain insights into exactly what your customer is looking for, and can tailor your recommendations to their needs, maximizing the partnership.

Understand the 'Why', Improve Win Percentage

Olive gives you thorough info on what the buyer cares about, their role, company size, industry, vertical. Olive allows you to see which of your differentiators matter.

Win the Opportunity

Buyers use Olive to build and rank thorough pain points and use cases. These detailed descriptions are shared with the most relevant vendors. If your solution is relevant, Olive then gathers the responses to the buyer’s requirements for your solution. Leverage your solution details to help new buyers find you.

The Olive Branch Between Buyers and Sellers

Olive users gain access to a software platform that enables seamless transparent collaboration between buyers and sellers. Vendors can showcase their offerings, and buyers can quickly evaluate the best choice for their custom requirements.

People Collaborating in Olive

Easier Collaboration

Olive makes collaboration easy so you can focus on the customer’s needs. Once inside, you'll collaborate with the buying team and see the project’s full context. Guide the process within the platform.

Ask the buying team questions and offer suggestions they should think about. Work alongside them to understand precisely what they are looking for.

Get Wider and Deeper Than Ever Before

Olive enables seamless stakeholder collaboration for buyers, which means they engage more stakeholders than ever before. This value is passed on to you so you can truly understand how the buyer's org is thinking, not just your champion.

Glean insights from buyer requirements to understand the why behind their decision making. Use the platform to determine whether your solution matches the need, initiative, obstacles, and criteria of the project. Never miss a stakeholder or an opportunity again!

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Scale Your Knowledge

With Olive, you can scale your knowledge, and store your answers for each new lead in one place for easy reference.

With Olive, bringing your leads into a collaborative sales cycle is easy and efficient. Start your potential leads off with a pre-built template and work together in one place.