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The Ultimate tool for IT consultants

A tool built for IT Consultants. Your expertise, coupled with our cutting-edge software, helps you streamline your process and differentiate yourself from the competition. Become the expert in digital transformation for your specialized area. Be the partner your clients can't live without.

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The Ultimate Tool for System Selection

Run any it project in one platform. No rfps, meetings, or spreadsheets.

Olive gets you out of spreadsheets and lets you take on more projects with fewer resources. Faster time to implementation means you see revenue faster and free up precious time to focus on new opportunities.

Olive users include consultants are from all verticals that offer strategic digital transformation consulting, requirements gathering, vendor selection and implementation services. Whether you want to expand your services, win new clients, or improve customer retention, our program will provide you with the software and support you need to transform.

Improve existing operations While increasing revenue

Use Olive to improve your existing operations, while increasing revenue by offering Olive as a service to your customers. Olive looks at all solution vendors in the space and filters options according to your client's needs. 100% of solutions are evaluated against these needs, 100% of relevant stakeholders engaged, and all in 3-8 weeks.

Offer end-to-end digital transformation services, with Olive

Improve and scale Existing Operations, Increase Revenue
Olive is an end-to-end digital transformation platform. Leverage our software to perform thorough evaluations of transformative solutions in your niche, against your clients needs. Using Olive improves your existing operations, while increasing revenue by offering full service digital transformation customers.

Are you a good fit?

The Olive Partner Program is designed for customer-centric consultants, agencies, service providers, and other sellers that want to grow their business, and help their client's find the best technology for their needs.
It’s a good fit if your business; provides consulting on business transformation, business software, enterprise technology or digital transformation strategy or provides other services such as tech implementations, vendor management, solution sourcing systems integrations, specific solution or vertical procurement or IT services.

Streamline your process

Do more with less

Olive gets you to a shortlist of solutions faster, without sacrificing due diligence. Manage multiple evaluations and projects easily in Olive's online platform. Leverage powerful features such as user surveys for exceptional stakeholder collaboration. Built in audit trails allow for for detailed due diligence reporting. Streamline your process and run everything in Olive.

Maximise your value

Manage Clients, Projects and Vendors all in One PLATFORM

Olive users save hours on evaluations allowing them to do more, and take on more clients and improve your efficiency. With Olive, you can automate the more tedious aspects of your work, and evaluate potential technologies in collaboration with key stakeholders, without spreadsheets or endless meetings. Your recommendations are backed by strong and unbiased data, helping you gain and build trust with your clients.

Speed up Business Transformation

Connect to Olive's agile technology platform and find solutions to the toughest business problems, quickly. Only look at vendors that meet your client's needs.

By filtering solutions based on these business needs, Olive saves months of evaluation time.

People Collaborating in Olive
Agile Stakeholder Collaboration

Olive makes it easy to capture, prioritize, and manage requirements no matter how detailed they need to be. It gets everyone's voices on the table, regardless of their location or how they prefer to work.

Easily keep everyone involved in your projects in sync.

Unbiased Software Evaluations Illustration
Unbiased Technology Evaluations

Olive is the only software evaluation platform that does not charge vendors. We facilitate vendor-neutral decisions based on exactly what your client's need, not what vendors are selling.

Using these needs as a compass, Olive users will always find the right solution.

Transparency and due diligence illustration
Transparent and Objective Solution Validation

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions met your client's business needs, Olive users drive more thorough due diligence.

These insights allow consultants to look ahead, and make further recommendations to their client's next transformation opportunity.

Partner Benefits


Internal Project Management

Olive can help manage projects by focusing on the business needs and requirements.

Dedicated platform to manage all client projects
Requirements gathering
Gain insight and data
Client and internal staff surveys
Vendor management
People Collaborating in Olive


Reduced manual process frees up resources for more scale. Recommendations backed by strong and unbiased data increases confidence.

Improved vendor shortlist & selection
Faster decision making
Improved collaboration
Increased Vendor accountability
Increased Client accountability
Transparency and due diligence illustration

External Project Management

Create a new service - manage client projects using the Olive Platform.

New service offering
Added loyalty and engagement
Managed projects
Upsell/cross sell opportunities
Additional revenue

Flexible Permissions

Protect access to your work, and safely include new stakeholders. Assign the appropriate permission as needed.

Provider Database

Our team and community is constantly keeping ahead of current trends, adding new vendors daily. Let us know if we've missed one, or easily add your own.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team is always here to help!

Partner Program Benefits

Residual income Sharing on your closed deals
Licensed Olive software for your organization
Sales training and support
Exclusive territory opportunities
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What our Partners Say


Olive gives us confidence in our decisions, helping us to cast a much wider net, quickly narrow down our options, and cut costs. In one example, we found a vendor that was 80% less expensive than we planned for, plus the implementation and execution went great.
Brianne L
Break Bread Consulting
"Simple and centralized platform for easily conducting software evaluations"
Online platform, where stakeholders and vendors can access the information they need to see in the software evaluation project. Reduces the amount of phone calls and emails.
Karen Chang
Umbrella Consulting
Working with Olive gave me valuable insights into the client’s needs and expectations. The process played a key role towards the client’s purchasing decision
Andrew Thorne
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