Changing the way we deliver value

The Olive platform helps IT consultants to easily identify the needs of their customers and build simple repeatable processes to deliver robust due diligence for projects of all sizes in weeks, not months.

“With Olive we were able to find the best fit solution for our needs much faster and with less effort than ever before”
Rick Pauls - Network & Infrastructure Manager - Cascade Aerospace

Streamlined, digitized consulting

Help transform your clients business faster and more efficiently than ever. By collaborating with consultants from all areas of technology, Olive has built a platform to echo best practices and automate the most mundane tasks. Simplify your evaluation process by collaborating with all stakeholders in one platform and delivering all your value, faster.

Easily Collaborate with your Clients

Collaborate with your team in a shared project to define your evaluation use cases and requirements. Olive finds the best fit solutions for you as your project progresses, ensuring that your needs drive the process instead of outside information.

Stand Out as a Thought Leader

Olive provides libraries of requirements tailored to your evaluation so your team can learn what to look for in a solution. Pick the best ones for you, add your own, and see how each solution matches your list of requirements. Engage only with the solutions that best fit your needs.

Deliver Optimal Value for your Clients

Through each interaction, Olive learns what is important to you, your team, and your peers. Easy collaboration with your team coupled with Olive's community data enables you to reach consensus more quickly, leading to more accurate and timely evaluations.

Drive more value, faster.

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