Accelerate your digital transformation

As a technology and product leader, we know that software selection is not easy.
To help accelerate the process and find solutions that drive digital transformation, we've created a product that solves the problems associated with evaluating solutions for digital transformation.

Automate the Process of Enterprise Software Selection, Without Sacrificing Collaboration or Due Diligence

Olive Features

Forget Spreadsheets, Meetings, and Emails

Manage the entire process in Olive. From gathering needs, to collaboration with departments, keep all your data and insights in one location.

Intelligent Requirements Libraries

We are constantly building new requirements libraries to kickoff your process. Leverage our work, or build your own just for your team. Once Olive knows the kind of project you are running, it it will suggest relevant requirements that you can select and edit to your specific use case.

Identify, rank and manage requirements through Olive surveys

Olive’s surveys facilitate a seamless collaboration process, helping you capture and record feedback from key stakeholders across the organization.

A high level view of ALL vendors in the market VS your requirements

Evaluate the full market of solutions in a matter of weeks. Our team and community is constantly adding new solution providers and ensuring 95%+ engagement. Leverage our vendors, or easily add your own.

Secure Digital Transformation

Protect access to your work, and safely include new stakeholders. Assign the appropriate permissions as needed.

Planning and Discovery

Dashboards keep everyone on track. Ensure you are solving the right problem.

Premium Support

Your Account Manager is always here to help.

Detailed Automated Due Diligence Reporting

Everything is time stamped and saved in Olive, so you can always refer back to why a decision was made.

Features and Solutions to Streamline Your Evaluation Process

Project Overview & Executive Summary

One place to manage your digital transformation project

Capture all project details in the project overview. See at a glance, current state, future state, benefits. As the project progresses to selection, this page becomes your executive summary page.
You can invite executives to quickly understand the background, high level needs and solutions evaluated and the reason behind a selection in central location. 

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Planning Your Roadmap

A high level view of your digital transformation initiatives

Olive’s Portfolio level dashboard provides a seamless experience to view and manage your projects. Use the simple card or kanban view to manage your projects and initiatives in various parts of the life cycle. Deploy surveys to understand which project will provide the highest, most immediate impact for the company.

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Requirements Templates

Build and reuse Requirements templates

Build out your requirements templates based on your expertise, or use our requirement libraries to help you build a template. Easily manage requirements and criteria by assigning them to sections such as functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and evaluation criteria.

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Requirements Libraries

create your own requirements libraries, or choose requirements from our libraries

Save time building out and gathering requirements by making use of Olive’s pre-built requirements libraries.

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Create Project Templates

Build and reuse project templates

Automate your process with repeatable project templates. Easily create & reuse project templates. Preload with initial discovery questions, functional requirements, non functional requirements, and surveys. Vendor details and responses will be saved in your data for future projects, saving time and resources.

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Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders

Olive’s surveys facilitate a seamless collaboration process, helping you easily capture and record feedback from stakeholders across the organization. Save countless hours by avoiding long meetings, stakeholder interviews, and eliciting requirements into spreadsheets.

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Stakeholder Collaboration

Invite stakeholders to give feedback and rank requirements

Collaboration in Olive is fast and inclusive. Olive’s in app chat provides a simple & easy platform to collaborate with all stakeholders across the business. This ensures all requirements, details, insights, and feedback are captured without manually managing details. Invite stakeholders to review & discuss the requirements and vendor responses and automatically gather feedback from everyone.

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Requirements Gathering

Compare vendor responses to your requirements at a glance

Using Olive surveys to gather, rank and weight requirements saves hours of manual work. In app chat allows stakeholders to get alignment and discuss any necessary details without the need for scheduling meetings. Flexible criteria types allow you to choose the type of response that you want to solicit from a provider such as text, Yes/No or functionality.

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Requirements Ranking

vendors responding to your unique requirements

Invite stakeholders into the project for collaboration and requirements ranking. Use Olive’s surveys to facilitate an easy way to capture requirements rankings.
Olive aggregates this data to show you which requirements are a top priority for the company and who said what and when for traceability.

Weighting Requirements

vendors responding to your unique requirements

It’s important to hear everyone in the project, however certain stakeholder feedback bears more weight than others.
In Olive, you can Assign different weights to different departments and sections, depending on what makes the most sense for the project.

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Vendor Collaboration & Engagement

Collaborate with vendors at the requirements level

Collaborate with vendors at requirements level, and focus communication around these requirements. Manage and maintain vendor conversations within the app. Responses are automatically saved for traceability and due diligence. In app chat allows stakeholders to review, score and discuss vendor responses internally without the need for meetings and spreadsheets.

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Score Vendors Based on Response to Requirements

review vendor responses at a requirement level

Olive allows individual stakeholders to review vendor responses at a requirement level and then score those responses based on how well it will meet their needs. All the stakeholder responses are calculated automatically and presented as an overall score at the requirement, section and overall solution level.

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Comparative Analysis

Compare vendor responses to your requirements at a glance

In Olive, vendor scores are automatically calculated. Compare vendors side by side down to the requirements level. Dynamic auto calculations mean the score continually updates as the stakeholders  score the vendor’s responses & functionality. The ability to weight different  sections or departments gives you additional flexibility in how a vendor score is calculated. All of this helps you make decisions based on data.

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Olive allows you to evaluate vendors based on their ability to meet your requirements, helping you determine a shortlist backed with data.
This saves weeks of effort by allowing you to only meet with vendors that truly meet your needs.

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Need a Hand with your digital transformation Strategy

digital transformation Services to support your vision

Olive's Digital Transformation services can set your organization off on the right foot. We offer a range of services including strategic planning, business analysis, vendor management and more. Whether you need support for all or part of your digital transformation, we can lend a hand where you need it.

Who's using Olive for software selection

Customer Success Stories

We love getting an inside look at our customer's digital transformation initiatives. Read how they've used Olive to accelerate technology evaluations, and find solutions that transform their business.

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Flynn Brings Consistency To The Software Purchasing Process

Enterprise IT

Learn how Olive has helped the IT team at Flynn Group of Companies increase consistency across all scales of software purchasing and shorten time to implementation on a number of solutions, including Security Software and an Applicant Tracking System.

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IntrapriseTechKnowlogies Simplifies Software Selection


Learn how Olive makes the requirements gathering process more efficient for Intraprise TechKnowlogies, simplifying the vendor evaluation process for the firm.

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Trusted by Consultants, IT Teams and Digital Transformation Leaders

"We use Olive in support of two vendor selection projects. We've had no issues with stakeholders and vendors completing requirements ratings and identifying capabilities to meet requirements, respectively. The team is responsive and we look forward to getting more usage out of the survey module for any future vendor selections as well as client discovery"
Morris E. Harris
Intraprise Tech Knowlogies
"We're going to use Olive over and over again, it would be stupid not to."
Sean Thompson
"Olive gives me a tool to consistently decrease my cost of goods bought"
Alan Zych
VP IT, Flynn Group of Companies
"Simple and centralized online platform for easily conducting software evaluations. Stakeholders and vendors can access the information they need to see in the software evaluation project. Reduces the amount of phone calls and emails"
Karen Chang
Umbrella Consulting
"Navigating the landscape of software solutions is vast and seemingly endless. Olive helped effectively collect our business requirements through customized surveys. Olive was effective at narrowing down a short list of potential vendors that matched our requirements. We were able to strategically set up demo calls that focused on areas of the vendor solutions that set them apart from the competition."
Scott Van Doormaal
Supply Chain Operations & Enterprise Systems at tentree

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The Ultimate Tool for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just finding new technology, it's about finding the right technology, in collaboration with the organization.

The traditional waterfall process of determining requirements, and comparing them to solution options available is difficult, but necessary to make recommendations that will transform the business. Shortcutting this process and going straight to the solutions, results in low user adoption.

Many consultants and IT departments are cobbling together different tools to try and transform their own process, and make it more efficient. Sometimes, you just don't have the internal ability, funds, or time to manage a thorough evaluation process. Olive allows you to be more efficient with your resources. Save months of evaluation time, avoid endless meetings, emails, spreadsheets and chasing stakeholders to participate. Get to a shortlist faster, with Olive.