Olive & Digital Health Innovations

accelerating  healthcare digital transformation.

In partnership with Olive, DHI brings world-class technology from the commercial marketplace to the highly specialized healthcare provider industry including areas such as revenue cycle, pharmacy, surgery, supply chain, patient engagement, remote patient monitoring, tele-health, credentialing, and more.

Partners in Healthcare digital transformation

Digital transformation for hospitals and the healthcare industry

Accelerate Innovation

Digital Health Innovations is a specialized boutique firm that focuses on assisting healthcare providers achieve the highest possible digital value from their technology investments.  Their deep expertise allows them to customize and scale their proprietary methodology for each provider organization's mission, strategic goals, service-lines, case-mix, and localized market conditions.

The healthcare provider solution from Olive & DHI is a game changer for the industry.  As you continue the organization's journey to the digital first era, ensuring maximum digital value for the least amount of dedicated staff time is critical.  The impact of technology decisions reaches the community, patients, staff, business partners, and vendors.

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How Olive and DHI will benefit
your organization

Administration & Finance Executives

- Reduce overall technology costs through increased transparency and oversight of the entire technology stack, including those implemented prior to Olive.

- Eliminate redundant technology purchase requests by leveraging full capabilities of existing vendors.

- Improve contract negotiations with clear documentation of all vendor capabilities, guarantees, and specialized terms due diligence.

- Remove potential conflicts of interest and vendor tunnel vision.

Information Technology Executives

- Reduce the average health system’s system selection time by 50-60%.

- Increase engagement and accountability for stakeholders and vendors throughout entire process.

- Quickly identify technology adoption issues vs capability issues and triage appropriately.

- Align the organization to the overall digital platform vision, strategy, and roadmap.

Department Executives (Clinical & Operational Areas)

- Leverage templates pre-built for real healthcare providers of like organizations.

- Reduce staff time required to build appropriate use-cases for RFPs and demos by over 50%.

- Identify current gaps in technology adoption from workflow workarounds.

- Differentiate technology implementation limitations from capability limitations.

Procurement Executives

- Ensure compliance with procurement policies and procedures.

- Eliminate miscommunications and/or discrepancies as all stakeholders and vendors communicate questions, clarifications, answers, terms, customization agreements through the portal (eliminates phones calls, emails, text by all individuals).

- Retain logs of all communication for any due-diligence requirements post-purchase.

- Validate buying decisions and vendor compliance across the organization.

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