Insights and Opportunities

Significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs by gaining insight and access to the needs of your target customers, directly from the source.

“Working with Olive gave me valuable insights into the client’s needs and expectations. The process played a key role towards the client’s purchasing decision”
Andrew Thorne - Business Development - TraQtion

Direct insights into how your buyers think

Buyers are constantly discussing the pros and cons of various technology solutions. Olive takes all that valuable data and shares it anonymously with vendors, giving you the power.

Detailed Insight Into Active Evaluations

Olive helps buyers articulate what exactly it is they are looking for in a solution. As a vendor, you'll benefit by knowing what each stakeholder cares about, and what they don't. Engage directly with your target customers to tailor your messaging to their exact needs while they are actively working through their evaluations.

Remove the Bias in Your Evaluations
Be a Thought Leader

By presenting your solution to buyers whose requirements are closely aligned with what you offer, inbound opportunities are a great match for you and are much more likely to end in higher close rates, more successful deployments, and happier reference customers. All your responses are stored for future evaluations saving you time.

Connect With Your Target Customer
Build What They Want

Your team will have insight into and can contribute to all ongoing evaluations, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your target buyer, regardless of your marketing spend. Discover exactly what made your solution stand out, and use these insights to create messaging and product features that resonate with your target audience.

Engage directly with your target customers.
Understand exactly what they need.

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