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With Olive, your teams can ensure user adoption, skip lengthy sales cycles, and remove bias from technology decisions.

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Remove Bias

Olive is the only buyer focused evaluation tool. Not profiting from vendors allows Olive to remove bias from decision making, allowing you to evaluate all potential solutions, accurately.

Build Consensus

Engage, share and collaborate with all your stakeholders. Olive enables broad stakeholder engagement, without the need for whiteboards, emails, and word docs.

Innovate Faster

Olive enables companies to move from the waterfall RFP/RFI process to agile technology evaluation. Saving months of evaluation time and getting to ROI faster.

Move away from manual, waterfall processes

Enabling agile evaluations throughout the vendor lifecycle.

Identify New opportunities

Keeping track of your current providers is hard. Not anymore. Easily see how each solution meet your needs, and identify where you can optimize.

Find New Solutions

Looking at 3-4 options was all you had time for. Not with Olive. Look at all potential options and find your needle in the provider haystack, in no time.

Ensure Implementation Success

Achieve the ROI you were expecting. Keep all parties on track with the project objectives, from ideation through implementation.

The platform you need

We Built This For You

For Businesses

Enable your organization to drive effective, low-risk decisions, all while taking stress off the IT team.

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For Partners

Leverage technology to run your evaluations faster, with more detail than ever before.

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“Olive gives us confidence in our decisions, helping us to cast a much wider net, quickly narrow down our options, and cut costs.

In one example, we found a vendor that was 80% less expensive than we planned for, plus the implementation and execution went great.”
Trevor Fitzgerald - VP IT @ WKS
“I have had projects take 3 years from requirements to implementation; Olive saves me months of effort”
Tariq Chaudhry - A&W Canada
“With Olive we were able to find the best fit solution for our needs much faster and with less effort than ever before”
“Working with Olive gave me valuable insights into the client’s needs and expectations. The process played a key role towards the client’s purchasing decision”
The Features You need

All in One Platform

Powerful Collaboration

Work with your stakeholders in one place. Enable each of them to work on their own time, and keep track of the progress.

Shared Knowledge

Learn from your peers and gain insights from your community. Take this knowledge and add your own insights to build repeatable templates.

Detailed Due Diligence

Leverage powerful features to see exactly how each option meets your requirements. Then, store it all for future reference.

Streamline Your Process Today

We understand the intricacies of enterprise IT evaluations.
And we're here to help.

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