The Complete Technology Evaluation Platform

Nobody likes an RFP. So why make one?

Well, technology is complicated. Fitting a new solution into your business is even more complicated. The risk of choosing the wrong solution necessitates deep analysis, both of the available options AND of your business.

This is what Olive is purpose built to solve. We provide you with the tools you need to take the risk out of the enterprise technology evaluation, and find the right solution for your business from the sea of available options.

Stakeholder Management

Working with your team to identify your business needs takes time. Enable your team to work at their own pace, and keep track of their progress.

Education & Requirement Gathering

Asking the right questions is hard, and understanding your options is even harder. Jump start your evaluation with the shared knowledge of the Olive community, and get to a decision faster.

Detailed Due Diligence

Evaluate an average of 10x as many options in less time than a traditional RFP. Understand how each potential solution fits your business, and prove that your decision is the best one.

“I have had projects take 3 years from requirements to implementation; Olive saves me months of effort”
Tariq Chaudhry - Business Transformation - A&W

Coordinate and collaborate

Projects fail when the right people are left out of the conversation. Olive makes it easy to include and collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that all perspectives and needs are considered.

Accurate, unbiased data

You wouldn't trust a single data point, which is why you do your own research. Take advantage of the knowledge of others to back up your research and verify your decisions.

Tailored recommendations

With every interaction, Olive learns what is important to you, your team, and organization. Each subsequent evaluation becomes easier than the last.

Take the guesswork out of evaluations.  
Find the right solution.

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