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Olive is the only platform you need to easily automate and streamline your evaluation process. Make complex decisions in weeks, not months.

“I have had projects take 3 years from requirements to implementation; Olive saves me months of effort”
Tariq Chaudhry - Business Transformation - A&W

Find the perfect solution

Software evaluations are complex, long and susceptible to bias. Olive helps you simplify your evaluation process by reducing the time, effort and cost it takes to find the solution which best fits your needs.

Coordinate and collaborate

It can be difficult to gain insight from all stakeholders across your organisation. Olive makes it easy to invite  stakeholders to your Olive project to ensure that everyone's needs and requirements are considered.

Accurate, unbiased data

Starting a new evaluation doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Olive Libraries provide comprehensive, granular data on all technology categories. Combine this data with the specific needs, use cases and desired outcomes of your organization.

Tailored recommendations

With every interaction, Olive use machine learning to understand what is important to you, your team and your organisation. Finding the best-fit solution for your organization is inevitable.

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