At Olive, we have seen first hand the time and money that is wasted on evaluating technology solutions for the enterprise, often ending in poor user adoption due to bias and lack of visibility into company needs.

The Olive founding team spent much of their career feeding into this system and have taken it as a personal mission to make it right.

Our vision is a future where transparency and honesty rule enterprise decision making, helping buyers and vendors to make smart decisions, faster.

The First Spark

On a cold winter in 2017, Chris Heard, CEO and Co-founder of Olive, was sitting at a generic bar in a generic Canadian airport. After meeting #30 in a (so far) 9 month sale cycle, he felt reflective. Deep down, he knew his company was not the best fit for this customer but he worked hard to bias their decision in his favour.

This isn't the way it should work, thought Chris, and so he called his long time colleague, Dan Harrison, to talk about a brighter future...

Growing the Vision

As with all business ideas, the initial vision was a lofty one: to build a robot technology consultant, efficient and free of bias.

As the team worked with customers, it became clear that there are already pains that can be solved today (without the need for robots....) such as gaining visibility into company wide needs, streamlining evaluations, and easily communicating with vendors.

Olive quickly adapted and launched our initial platform in January 2019. Since then we, and our growing community, are helping our customers make faster, more accurate decisions, all the while building a rich knowledge base that will help to reach the lofty vision set out by the founders.

What's with that name, Olive?

“Working in enterprise technology for most of our careers, we feel that buyers and sellers are more often at war with each other than they are partners. We want to change that and believe that by breaking down the barriers between buyer and seller, we can be the Olive branch our industry needs...

Plus, it's someone's that worked out well!”
Chris Heard - Co-founder and CEO - Olive

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