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There's a systemic problem with how companies buy software, and it's costing more than you think.

Olive's productivity platform helps CIOs and technology buyers shorten the software selection process, without sacrificing any due diligence. This fully automated process gives CIOs visibility into company-wide needs and filters all vendors in the space by those requirements - reducing time, effort, risk, and cost of technology evaluations. See how our customers measure ROI.

Olive is software comparison software that is efficient and free of bias, revolutionizing the process of finding your best fit technology solution.

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A&W Saves 6000 Hours Using Olive

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Zamil Group Streamlines Digital Transformation With Olive

Read how Zamil used Olive to accelerate Strategic Digital Transformation, evaluating the best SaaS Solutions available for their unique needs with agile integration across a portfolio of 40 companies.

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Using Olive to run technology evaluations saves time and money
Individual stakeholders can log in to Olive to rank their individual requirements to anonymously to capture how important that spec is in their particular department. This saves hours interviewing, meeting with, capturing, and ranking stakeholder  needs in spreadsheets and meetings.
Fast and Accurate and Unbiased Collaboration
Other stakeholders that may not belong to your department can respond accordingly. Olive gets you to an average reading of requirements, removing any stakeholder or departmental bias.
Rich Requirements Libraries
Olive’s rich requirements library allows you and your stakeholders to view the top requirements listed on similar projects. These libraries help to start the requirements conversations, showing your stakeholders what to consider and what’s out there in the space.
Finds the Best option out there for the entire organization's needs
Olive allows you to view the problem of software selection from an organizational business perspective. Multiple departmental needs are easily captured and ranked accordingly. When apt -  one department can be weighted higher than another, so the solutions recommended are accurate and free of bias.
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Find the right HCM Software for your unique business needs

Your Human Capital Management suite can impact your entire organization, which means making the right choice right very important. Finding the HCM vendor that meets every requirement can transform recruitment and retention.
With so many HCM Solutions on the market, picking the right one for your business can be overwhelming. Now, more than ever, digital transformation leaders must ensure they have a system that works for their specific business needs.

At Olive, we believe the secret to finding the right HCM software is to lead with your business needs. Unfortunately, current software procurement practices fail to deliver on their expected returns. We've put together some resources to help you make the right choice!

Buying Business Software?

Our FREE white paper will guide you through the process of selecting the best vendor for your business or institution’s unique needs. Follow these steps to ensure you choose the best possible solution available.

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Find the right HCM Software

Your HCM suite can impact your entire organization, which makes getting the decision right very important. Get it wrong and it could cost you much more than you bargained for. Read our blog post on how to choose the right HCM software, with confidence.

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