"We're going to use Olive over and over again, it would be stupid not to."

“The cost savings that we will gain on the first two new restaurants that we on board with this new point of sale will pay back everything we've invested in Olive.”

The Olive Branch Between Technology Buyers and Sellers

Olive users gain access to a software platform that enables seamless, transparent collaboration between buyers and sellers. Users can compare vendor responses to requirements to see which solutions are a good fit.

Speed up the evaluation process

Innovate Faster! Olive allows you to move from the waterfall RFP/RFI process to agile technology evaluations. This saves months of evaluation time.

People Collaborating in Olive

Collaborate on requirements

Using Olive’s collaborative portal and use case libraries, you can identify and manage all stakeholder needs, ensuring everyone has a voice in the decision.
This collaboration and agility gets you out of spreadsheets, and allows you to drill deep into your specific requirements.

Digital Transformation illustration

Compare 75+ vendors to the business needs

Olive looks at all of the vendors in the space and filters options according to the buyer's needs quickly. 100% of solutions are evaluated, all relevant stakeholders engaged, and all of this is done in about 3-8 weeks.