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Olive's white papers will guide you through the process of selecting software for your enterprise or organization. Learn how to streamline the software evaluation process, and find best-match technology solutions, quickly.

Strategic Digital Transformation

White Papers

Learn how to streamline the enterprise software evaluation process, and find your best-match technology solution, quickly.

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How to choose the best LMS for your needs

Searching for the best LMS that meets your business or institution’s needs can be a long and convoluted process. Making the wrong decision is fraught with risk and can have poor results. This guide will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls in choosing the right LMS.

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ERP Selection Guide

Our guide will help you navigate the ERP selection process, efficiently, without any bias towards vendors.
We don't want to sell you an ERP, we want to arm you with the knowledge to find the right ERP for your organization's specific needs.

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Olive's Guide to Buying Business Software

We created this guide to help you find your best fit technology solution.This guide will objectively navigate you through the technology evaluation process, step by step, providing checklists along the way.

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Compare Software Against Your Business Needs in Olive

Find your best-match software vendor in Olive. Traditionally, buyers look at a few vendors, skipping initial due diligence and often missing their ideal supplier. On average, at this point, less than 5% of solutions are evaluated, minimal stakeholders are engaged, with the process taking about 24-36 weeks.

Olive is an agile platform that takes the traditional process of buying business software, shortens it, and delivers the best results for your needs.